Meet the team

Kristina Murrin

Kristina is the Chief Executive of the National Leadership Centre with a background in innovation and social change. She has worked at board level in private, public, academic and voluntary sectors.

Becky Wyse

Becky leads our programme team and is responsible for designing and delivering the NLC programme for the most senior public sector leaders.

Stephen Crookbain

Stephen leads our network, community and international work. He leads much of our externally-focused work, connecting top-level public leaders though a digital service and our events.

Margot Shatz

Margot leads the strategy and insight function. She has strategic oversight for our research and evaluation, while also leading on our corporate governance and Ministerial relationships.

Jenny Vass

Jenny is responsible for our work to build a strong network of leaders. She is bringing people together across sectors and building a community across the country.

Morgan Frodsham

Morgan runs our research and evaluation portfolio. She works with leaders, researchers and experts to build a deeper understanding of the complex links between leadership, productivity and outcomes of public services.

Billy Street and Samantha Villis

Billy and Sam lead our digital work. They are delivering our work to design and create the digital service that supports all users. Sam is covering for Billy while he is on shared parental leave in 2020.

Beth Lambert

Beth leads our strategy team, particularly focusing on our operational delivery, stakeholder engagement, and international strategy.

Annabel Mahgerefteh

Annabel supports the Centre as a whole in achieving our strategic objectives, and she is also part of our team which will deliver international events.

Lola Gillies-Creasey

As part of our Strategy Team, Lola's responsibilities include developing new policy ideas, undertaking research, supporting our governance boards and ministerial briefing.

Charles Shackleford

Charlie supports our Chief Executive and runs her office. He co-ordinates senior stakeholder meetings and ensures the smooth running of the whole NLC team.

Prateek Buch

Prateek delivers our work on data in the research team. He curates data about public service leadership and productivity. He also looks after the independent evaluation of our work.

Peter Trussell

As part of our network and communities team, Peter manages our engagement with senior leaders, while looking after the sustainability of the network and our alumni offer.

Jess Nightingale

Jess is also in the network and communities team. She is delivering our national events, and she supports networks in the North of England from her base in Manchester.

Yiannis Nikias

Yiannis heads up our programme delivery. He’s responsible for the delivery of the NLC's leadership programme, leads the design of Module 2, and brings entrepreneurial spirit to the innovative and first-of-its-kind programme.

Alex Semproni

Alex delivers work to shape our programme. She focuses on designing and delivering the offering from a learning and development perspective.

Hannah Datema

Hannah heads up our learning and development work and leads on design and development of the programme content.

Georgie Baker

Georgie project manages the programme team in order to successfully deliver three learning and development modules for the public service leaders.