Coffee Connect

Two women talking at a table

Connecting with a peer and talking with someone outside of your immediate context can be the most valuable part of your week. Right now more than ever, people running large public sector organisations need the inspiration and support of someone who is facing the same challenges and opportunities.

Coffee connect was such a valuable opportunity and an amazing match. We compared experiences and have since connected our organisations to help on strategic issues. This is exactly what the NLC should be about.

Owen Mapley, Chief Executive, Hertfordshire County Council

NLC Coffee Connect brings you together with an Chief Executive from a different part of the public sector, connecting you with a new person each month.

Network members have said that conversations with their peers can help bring a fresh perspective and cognitive diversity to their organisation’s most complex problems. Others have said it’s a chance to share personal struggles with someone who is operating in the same context. Everyone enjoys the chance to learn about their wider network.

How it works

Firstly, register your details with the National Leadership Centre, and the team will connect you with a peer, ideally one who is outside of your sector and location.

Then, the NLC team will email you each month with their details, and you will be encouraged to find a time for a conversation in the following weeks. Feedback suggests 45 minutes is a good amount of time.

Lastly, to start your conversation, the team suggest a few conversation topics:

  • Your career backgrounds and current roles
  • Your experiences leading through crisis
  • Any myths about your sectors that you wish to dispel

NLC Network Events

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