COVID-19 support across the public sector

As the public sector and its leadership face unprecedented challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations across the public sector community are re-focussing their offers to support them. 

Below, we have curated a selection that is particularly helpful to CEOs. The support and guidance comes from the National Leadership Centre and its partners across the public sector.

Cross-sector events and reports

National Leadership Centre podcasts

These NLC podcasts share inspiring leadership stories of cross-sector challenges. Janice Nicholson shares her story of improving support for young people in care, and Donna Hall shares her experience leading the Wigan Deal, an innovative reform of local government.

Two headshots, Donna Hall on the left and Janice Nicholson on the right
Donna Hall CBE (left) and Janice Nicholson MBE (right)

The episodes are also available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts.

Army leadership research

The Centre for Army Leadership asked a range of people across the public sector to reflect on their leadership experiences during the pandemic. Their report on leading through crisis holds many important insights for every CEO.


Every part of the public sector is focusing on supporting staff and community wellbeing during the pandemic. Some particularly useful resources for CEOs include:

Crisis management

The Centre for Army Leadership – as well as publishing the report on leadership across the public sector – have also produced resources on crisis management.

The Associate of Chief Executives published this crisis management checklist by Delivery Associates to help CEOs have good, targeted discussions with their teams.

Adapted offers and support

For local government leaders, the LGA and SOLACE are offering emergency coaching support.

The Civil Service Leadership Academy is continuing its events, development, and network offers, but it has been adapted to deliver material virtually.

COVID-19 resource hubs

For more resources and inspiration, have a browse through these hubs of information and guidance from different parts of the public sector.

If you would like more information or if you would like to promote your team’s work on this page, please get in contact with the NLC.