Network of peers

The National Leadership Centre is creating a network that connects people from across every sector and region. This will include:

User research shows that leaders tend to make links within their own sectors, and often within their local areas, but this rarely happens outside those structures. This new network connects people across these boundaries.

Leading is a difficult job. At the top of organisations, people more exposed and isolated. Helping leaders build connections will help them share ideas, ask for help from their peer group, and work together to tackle strategic problems that need a multi-agency response.

Test our network directory

The National Leadership Centre is testing ways to help senior leaders find each other and get in contact with each other, starting with a directory for network members only.

Test the directory service

Events across the country

The NLC will bring leaders together through national, regional and small group events. This will allow peers to make time, outside formal governance or partnership structures, to work together to address the problems that are most pressing.

At our event in January, we will be presenting the first NLC Award for Public Services.

Connecting on a digital service

The NLC will create a private area of our website for the network. In this section, they’ll be able to find contact details for each other, start a conversation, and access cutting edge research, resources, and event information.

International peers

The public service challenges in this country are mirrored in countries throughout the world. Our priorities may have been successfully addressed abroad, and our leaders will have experience to share internationally as well.

This is why the National Leadership Centre, in partnership with the British Council, will host an international summit for some of the world’s most senior public service leaders in 2020. This prestigious event will bring together people from around 50 countries to discuss approaches to common challenges and share best practice.