Our Programme

The NLC Leadership Programme empowers senior leaders from across the public sector to work together to realise their potential.

Every year the National Leadership Centre invites a selection of the UK's most senior leaders from across the spectrum of public services to come together for a challenging, supportive and stretching twelve month development programme.

Key information:

  • 100 senior public leaders from across all public services
  • Three residential modules over 12 months
  • Be inspired by world leaders in systems and collective leadership
  • In-depth psychometric analysis and coaching support
  • At locations across England and online

The most difficult challenges faced by public services are complex and cross-cutting. People in charge of organisations are trying to achieve strategic outcomes that they can only partly influence. Being accountable for the whole organisation means overseeing a wider range of expertise.

To help people make the best of a move into these roles, the National Leadership Centre is delivering a flagship leadership programme, the first of its kind in bringing together top leaders from across the country.

We support leaders to become more adaptive, connected, open, informed, focused and ethical. In doing so, we are empowering the next generation of leaders to make an even bigger difference to the lives of citizens across the country.

After a successful first year, we have launched the second year of the NLC programme. The programme will seek to transform the leadership of public services by: