Research & Evaluation

The National Leadership Centre builds data and evidence on what works so that we build the right skills, knowledge, and networks to deliver the government’s priorities.

The NLC works with leaders, academics and practitioners to bring the best of the available evidence together in one place. We are building a deeper understanding of the complex links between leadership and outcomes in public services.

To do this we are:

  • developing a data-driven picture of public sector leadership
  • building the evidence base by commissioning original, rigorous research
  • evaluating the effectiveness of the NLC’s offer 
  • using these insights to adapt its content and delivery

Our published work

In June 2021, we published the independent evaluation of NLC’s first year of delivery. Among other positive outcomes, this highlighted increased resilience of and collaborations between its programme delegates. As a part of this, a rapid evidence assessment was also done on the impact and effectiveness of leadership development activities for senior leaders.

Alongside this – and as part of the Public Leaders Report 2021 – NLC launched the Public Sector Research and Insights Hub. The teams supporting public sector leaders work together to share knowledge, insights, research, and evidence of what works. For the first time, the National Leadership Centre is bringing this together in one place.

In December 2020, we published three rapid literature reviews. They covered 1) organisational effectiveness and collaboration, 2) systems leadership, and 3) effective leadership qualities. You can read the literature reviews by clicking here.

In October 2020, we published 17 think pieces on public service leadership by different leading academics. You can read those articles by clicking here.