What We Do

The National Leadership Centre’s unique purpose is to support cross sector leadership, facilitating and supporting people to work together on the toughest challenges we face as a country.

  1. Deliver a flagship Leadership Programme for around 100 senior public service leaders each year
  2. Enable a community of the most senior public service leaders from all places to connect, collaborate and share insights.
  3. Lead high quality research to develop a better understanding of the relationships between public service leadership, and productivity

The National Leadership Centre was launched by the Chancellor in 2018 as a three year pilot, following the recommendations of the Public Services Leadership Taskforce. The Taskforce was established in 2017 to advise on the scope for a new body to support public service leaders.

The Taskforce found that the scale and complexity of demands on our public services continue to grow. Modern society is becoming more diverse in its needs; technology is evolving at an accelerating rate; and the UK is striving for greater productivity within an increasingly complex world.

Although the Taskforce was clear that public service leadership is not a silver bullet for these challenges, they found that the weight of evidence suggests that bolstering public service leaders does make a difference. The Taskforce also found that many leaders are struggling with the strategic complexity of the services they lead, while experiencing a sense of isolation amid the challenges that come with becoming the most senior person of a public service organisation.

The Taskforce made a number of recommendations in their report and, in response, the government created the National Leadership Centre to support leaders of public services in England to improve the services they run.
View the recommendations from the Taskforce

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